Sizzling Platters

An upscale steak house signature presentation involves presenting their entrees on 500-degree platters and bringing the super-heated platters to the table with a distinctive sizzle. But they had a problem, fully-vitrified porcelain products are designed to perform at...

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Too Many SKU’s

A major theme park with multiple resorts and restaurants had a challenge. With over 350 different china SKU's, and many items nearly identical, they had too much inventory, and couldn't purchase in volume for many of the items. Blackwood helped reduce their inventory...

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The Brass Door Handle

A major steakhouse chain has a pair of signature brass door handles that are large and impressive. Blackwood was already supplying the steakhouse's china and flatware, could we help them with these expensive door handles? Blackwood located a foundry in China and was...

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It’s a Uniform challenge

A major seafood restaurant chain sought a more economical source for their staff uniforms. Blackwood was able to develop a source that supplied the desired uniforms for annual savings of over $1 million without sacrificing quality or service.

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International fullfilment

Blackwood offers deliveries directly to customers' international locations, without the logistics of shipping product to the USA and then re-shipping to a client's international locations

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Retail Opportunities

Selling to the country’s largest retailers can be a minefield. The difference between success and failure could hinge on something as small as a checked box on a vendor agreement. Utilizing our valued buying and marketing experience, Blackwood has brought many...

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